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How to Negotiate a Job Offer?

  Do you feel that you could be in a situation where you can get the job but at a lesser salary? Or has it happened in the past interviews? I know how it feels as I have been in such a situation several times before. First thing to keep in mind is to keep […]


A Weird Negotiation Tactic Used By Pros!

  Do you feel you are even lucky to get a job in this age of economic crisis? Do you need more experience before asking for a raise? ….. Let’s do the maths. An increase of even $3000 over a course of 30 years is more than a million. Are you willing to lose that? […]


Does Salary Negotiation Seem to be Scary?

  Some of the biggest fears of those who would be facing this daunting task are; “I don’t know how to negotiate salary as I have no previous experience”, “I am not a natural talker…”, “I don’t want to lose this offer…”, “There is may be an issue of the interviewer being gender biased…”, “I […]