A Weird Negotiation Tactic Used By Pros!


Negotiate Salary like Pros A Weird Negotiation Tactic Used By Pros!Do you feel you are even lucky to get a job in this age of economic crisis?

Do you need more experience before asking for a raise?
Let’s do the maths. An increase of even $3000 over a course of 30 years is more than a million. Are you willing to lose that?

The sad thing is that we are used to living in a ‘YES’ society. As a child, we have always been told be humble and be the nice kid. Saying a no or disagreeing just seems to be harder as it displeases people.

There is not much of a difference between an experienced professional going for an interview and a stand-up comedian. The latter has said the same joke hundreds of time and understands the importance of vocal tonality, silence, timing and mood of the audience. The pro knows how to play the interview game and make sure that the evaluator understands his/ her value.

How to negotiate salary like a Pro?

Practice the 5 core strategies of negotiating in front of the mirror and then with a friend. If possible, try to record and videotape yourself. Observe your body language and see whether it could be improved. If you find this is strange, it is much stranger to lose over a million dollars over a career just because you had not done your homework well enough.

Refrain from using phrases such as “I am not sure, but…”, “I think…”, “I feel…” during the negotiation process. This clearly shows that you are unsure of what you are saying and indeed self-sabotages your position.

Simply apply for a few related jobs you are not interested in and simply focus the art of saying a ‘no’. Get used to refusing offers. This plays a role in you having an abundant mindset and not approaching a job which you want from a point of scarcity.

A Weird Negotiation Tactic:

Making a proposal: This would consist of the major weaknesses/ issues which the organisation is currently facing and how you would go about solving it. Document this in the form of a report and take a printout. The problems along with the solutions should be clearly highlighted. It should include both facts and along with qualitative observations. Developing such a proposal would take a lot of time and intensive research but would be a lot of worth in impressing the heck out of the interviewer.

Time to be dramatic: Once the interviewer asks you the salary question, you should say, “We would surely come back to that later. First, let me show you something which you would find interesting”. Then, pull out the paper/ document, present it to them and briefly explain how you would go about solving the problems identified. Keep in mind that the problems identified by you should be similar to those which the organisation is facing.


Remember that an organisation usually spends quite a good amount of time and money while training an employee before he could be considered at par with others in terms of expectations. Discussing such a proposal shows that you have made a tremendous preparation beforehand which gives you a giant edge over your competitors.

Busy organisations are more interested in tweaking the existing state of affairs to get better results rather than creating something new altogether. Such a preparation followed by a presentation would show that they do not need to spend much time developing you as you have already done your homework quite well. Moreover, you would be leading the discussion by discussion these points.

Thereafter, it would look pretty awkward for the interviewer/ interview panel to haggle and dispute over your salary expectations. This is especially because now they know only you can solve the problems as you have identified, documented and explained it so well.


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