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alicia 300x199 About MeHello Everyone,

My name is Alicia and this is my website.

I must admit that I have never been a career expert in my life but I had a good share of experiences of sitting in numerous interviews. It is now in my past as I have became a freelancer. However, I always see that numerous job seekers go through the same level of frustration and anxiety. It was only later I understood the art of cracking interviews as well as how to negotiate salary.

The more experience I gained, the better my negotiations skills improved. My confidence consequently soared. There was also a time when I was applying and sitting for a live interview once in a month for about 6-7 months while I had a day job. I had researched numerous articles and even attended coaching programs on how to make sure that I get the best offer in terms of salary despite my limited experience. I was pretty good in convincing the interviewers that I would be a better choice than another who had a better resume.

My skill set is not lost once I became a freelancer and a blogger. I thought I should share my views and also provide reference to a few textbooks which I referred to get better salaries. All of these are entirely my opinion and I have attempted to be as honest and unbiased as possible. Keep in mind that there is no one way of striking gold once you enter the interview room.

Best of luck for your future!


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