How to Negotiate a Job Offer?


negotiate job offer How to Negotiate a Job Offer?Do you feel that you could be in a situation where you can get the job but at a lesser salary? Or has it happened in the past interviews? I know how it feels as I have been in such a situation several times before.

First thing to keep in mind is to keep a very calm expression and never to over-react when they tell you the salary offered. Despite your research about the position and the company, it might be the case that the salary offered is pretty competitive. However, if you still feel that you deserve more then you may need to create a written proposal while maintaining a thoughtful and open communication with the interviewer. The request of yours should be appropriately detailed in the plan of how you would go about adding value to the organisation.

Most of the newbies do not have any sort of justification as to why they deserve a higher package. However, it is okay to also mention that you have received interview calls from other organisations but don’t harp about it. Always stay away from offering ultimatums. Before asking for a rise in the salary, show that you are enthusiastic about the job offer. In almost every interview of mine, the interviewer would go silent and play dumb when I hinted for a higher compensation package. I very well knew that the one who talks first would lose. Therefore, I also used to keep silent and let the awkward silence hang there. Remember that the organisation has invested manpower and time in this hiring process. Do not get panicked and sell yourself less!

Always negotiate your salary while looking for common points without giving in. When a great negotiator faces resistance or hears a ‘no’, he/she would never shut down. They would elongate the conversation, ask clarifying questions and insist on objective criteria rather than jumping into the bandwagon and capitalising it too early. It is important not to let your uncertainty, fear or pride control your responses. Remember that the interviewer is more concerned about the value which you have to offer than your needs and wants.

If you have no fear of losing an offer, throw out a high demand instead of playing soft ball with the interviewer. Let the latter do the conversational jujitsu and bring the value down while you are playing for the maximum. Prepare well ahead of time and keep your arrogance in check if you are seeking to win by taking such a risky move.

It also might be the case that the interviewer might not have the final authority to budget for a higher salary. There would be thus, little to do in such cases. Experts point out that it is indeed a waste of time to negotiate salary when there is a huge gap in what you want and what is being offered by the organisation. Exercise your options carefully and get your terms of salary in writing before finally agreeing to an offer.

Here is a pretty compelling video I recently found regarding how to negotiate a job offer by Mr. Deepak Malhotra – A Harvard Business School Professor.



Keep in mind that it is beneficial to have a clear idea on how to negotiate salary much before the interview commences.


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